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We optimize the professional use of google display advertising network channels to position businesses and brands through advertising, marketing, branding and promotions in reaching their advertising or marketing object online.

What is  Google Display Advertising?

The Google Display Network (GDN) or advertising is the world’s largest online display advertising network for placing banner ads(Advert) on Google web properties (such as YouTube, Blogger, Gmail, etc.) as well as a network of over 2 million other websites.

The Google Display Network advertising reaches 90% of Internet users worldwide, across millions of google partner websites, news pages, blogs, and Google sites like Gmail and YouTube. Which makes it a great way to either as a business or self to reach new unique people across the world and achieve the following advertising objective on the internet space;

Google Display ads can help you promote your business or create awareness when people are browsing online, watching YouTube videos, checking Gmail, or using mobile devices and apps.


Lead or conversion: I want my Ad to generate more lead for my business.

Ecommerce or Increase Sales: I want my ad to drive sales for a specific product or product category.

Generate product/Brand Awareness: I want a general-purpose ad to raise awareness for my business, event, or new brand product.

Promote brand: I want to advertise new products.


Ads that are placed on a carefully selected website and YouTube has the ability in reaching unique internet users throughout the various google partner website using the different targeting options.

Website : Advert (Ads) are placed on google partnership targeted websites and blogs with high traffic where prospective customers spend much of their time. When these ads are clicked it redirects to a landing page based on the advertising objective of a client.

A screen short Display ads on a site

YouTube: YouTube is the world’s second search engine and second most visited website in the world with over 1.9 billion users of which 70% of the views comes from mobile users and More than 40mins is the estimated time users spend on their favorite YouTube channels daily making YouTube a great platform for advert placement and to reach new customers and client different advertising objectives.

Ads on YouTube are of two types; Image Ads Placement: This Ads pops up on strategic YouTube channels with high views and channel page visits and a clear call-to-action button leading to client choice of a landing page.

The direction of the arrow above shows an example of ads placed on youtube.

Video Ads Placement: Through view advertising is a YouTube video advertising format that gives viewers options to skip the ads during a 5 or 30 seconds advertising. This kind of video ads pops up during a played YouTube video or before and after a played video. Video ad is great for promotion of new product or new application and more.

The direction of the arrow above shows an example of video ads

 App Ads: Ads are placed and displayed on YouTube pages and websites that will create App brand awareness or drives installations of Apps. This ad is mostly videos because App advert in videos drives engagement and increases installs.

Final URL: what this means is that a landing page will be programmed into the advert campaign system to redirect users to client advertising objectives like product conversion, website traffic, brand awareness, get more leads, increase sales.

Our Team of digital ads expert Will help you grow your brand and increase sales with strategic solutions using google display Ads, Google search ads, and Facebook, and Instagram ads.

Allow us to position your business to the right audience.

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