Little Black boy who cursed out police officers apologizes for being rude (video)

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Little Black boy who cursed out police officers after he was suspected of shoplifting apologizes for being rude

The little Black boy who went viral after a video of him giving police a piece of his mind was shared online, has apologized for his actions.

In the initial video which went viral, the boy who believed he’d been suspected as a thief because of his race, went off on police after they searched him in a store and found nothing on him (read here).

The video elicited mixed reactions as some praised him for standing up for himself while some condemned him for being too rude for a child his age.

The boy has now responded by releasing an apology video.

In it, he apologized to his parents for embarrassing them with his behavior. He apologized to his grandma for embarrassing her with the video. He also apologized to his entire family for his choice of words and for using the “N” word.

However, he mentioned that he’s not sorry for standing up for himself. He pointed out that he went about it the wrong way and he’s sorry.

He also promised to do better in the future.

Below is a video do his apology together with the initial video of him slamming a number of White police officers.

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