Taiye: Dig Deep Before You Judge( Episode5)

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Remember how Dad lowered his pride?

Dad knelt over Taiye until he could feel her breath on his face. His torso tensed as he clenched his muscles. His eyes roamed all over her body, he was almost there and he could almost taste victory.

He settled his eyes on her young pretty face one more time and belge. He molded his fingers into a knuckle and squeezed them until he heard each of them crack.

As the night tick tuck away and the strong hands of evil lurk over them, Taiye slept through until the unmistakable stench of alcohol got to her.
Taiye opened her eyes almost immediately and the sight she met almost shocked her.
She tried to make sense of the scenario she was in but somehow she was relaxed. Was it fear of what was happening that relaxed her or was it the knowledge that she knew the outcome?

“Daddy,” she said, muttering the words that were now heavy on her lips.
Dad looked her deep into the eyes and Taiye looked back at him.
She was sure she could not recognize the man kneeling over her.
His eyes were black and soulless. It was like she saw hell in them.

Dad wanted no noise, he wanted to be quick and sturdy. Definite and bossy.
It was his night and nothing was stopping him.

Come back for episode 6 to know what really happens next .

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